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Hike & Run in Lofoten

Weekend event in October 2021

Running under The Midnight Sun

A Summer Experience

When the sun doesn't set - we run

We look forward to welcome runners from all over the world to explore the Lofoten Islands and to run in the Arctic - The land of The Midnight Sun.

Explore The Lofoten Islands on your summer vacation to Northern Norway to capture the majesty of this unique polar experience.

From 1. June - 14. August we run together under The Midnight Sun, offering you a unique experience, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and led by the best guides North of the Polar Circle.

Attend this 3 hours adventure of guided run over the majestic mountain Matmora, on the north side of the archipelago.


An Introduction to Ultrarunning

An upcoming workshop event for the curious.

November Energy

Darker days calls for tranquillity and reviving

- An energizing November Experience

We look forward to welcome runners from all over the World to explore the Lofoten Islands and to run in the Arctic - the land of the Northern Light.

Come to The Lofoten Islands this November to revive and re-energize with us. 
Fresh air, majestic mountains, Northern Lights, yoga, delicious food, sauna and relaxation. 

Adventure this unique experience - surround yourself with the breathtaking scenery of Lofoten and BREATHE.

Skjermbilde 2021-02-23 kl. 16.31.00.png

Autumn Vibes

An Upcoming Event in 2022

What We Stand For





Suitable for All Levels

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The Experience of an Adventure

begins it the Mountains of Lofoten. The Goal is The Journey.

Such a professional and fun adventure in beautiful Lofoten. We were taken good care of from arrival til departure day. Good food, nice people and unforgettable experience! 

- Lillian Johansen

Hike & Run in Lofoten is simply indescribable. The scenery is breathtaking with with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands.

- Jonathan Reese

I highly recommend Lofoten Mountain Running! We got to experience running under The Midnight Sun and truly experience the untouched and "secret" trails of the Lofoten mountains. Moving the body, pausing the mind, combined with bathing in the Arctic waters after a day in the mountains is something i truly recommend! 

- Einar Rørvik

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