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Lofoten Mountain Running

Lofoten Mountain Running is solely based on our love for nature, mountains and running and our passion for making physical activity combined with breathtaking nature experiences accessible for everyone. 

Lofoten provides a wide range of spectacular terrain, both for the advances runners as well for the first timers. This makes Lofoten a mekka for mountain running. We arrange programs and events suitable for all levels and pride ourselves in creating a wholesome experience and memories for a lifetime. 

Together with a great crew of local guides and passionate mountain-lovers we host people from all over the world. We pride ourselves in providing our guests with highly experienced guides, where your safety is one of our main priorities.

Lofoten Mountain Running are passionate about sharing our love for the nature, luscious healthy food, lifestyle and - of course - Lofoten. You will meet a friendly and inspiring staff with a great personal interest in what we do and other guests with plenty of stories, adventure spirits and competence.

We can't wait to meet you.


Meet The Team

Lisa Blom

Founder and Mountain Runner

Lisa is the founder and owner of Lofoten Mountain Running. It was her passion for the ocean and mountains that brought her to Lofoten in 2017 together with her husband and daughter. She loves being outdoors and sees Lofoten as a never ending land of adventure. Together with surfing and snowboarding, mountain running is where Lisa collects both energy and relaxation - no matter the weather conditions.

Over the past 17 years she has travelled the globe while working in hospitality, learning about culture and collecting friendships all over the world. Lisa is an inspiring doer and loves to explore new terrain, exchange stories and create lifelong memories with friends, crew and guests.

Where Lisa is, there is positive energy!

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