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About Running in Lofoten

For trail running, it’s all about the movement outdoors in nature in fresh air.

While for road running or on sealed paths, standardized values such as distance, running pace or heart rate are frequently the focus, for trail running the experience itself takes center stage.  The obstacles and the terrain are constantly changing – first you’re on rocks, then on grass, occasionally over roots, and in between it may go up and then go down. On a trail, both your body and soul are alert and challenged.

Trail Running is an unpredictable sport, which makes being outside and, on the trails, that much more exciting.

The Journey is The Goal.

Your Safety is Our Priority

- Our guides are head hunted local guides and are more than well known with the trails and mountains in Lofoten. Always.

- All of our guides have been through the same high level safety training and first aid training.

- We always have a set emergency plan before every excursion. 

- Our guides always bring their first aid kit when in the mountains. 

- We only run in small groups for your safety. Max 6-8 persons per guide, depending on difficulty level. 

Note that all excursions in the mountains are made with reservations depending on the weather conditions. If we see that a trip is not possible to carry out as planned, we will alter the programme or worst case cancel if it's not justifiable.

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Your Travel Packing Checklist for Lofoten Mountain Running

For you outing the adventurous Arctic trails with Lofoten Mountain Running, pack for multi seasons when traveling to The Arctic. Normally we say 'Travel light' - but in Lofoten, it's better to be safe than sorry. Here's our advice for preparing your safety kit !

  • Shoes - Proper trail shoes. Preferably not brand new.

  • Trail backpack - It should hold all your trail equipment without getting in the way when you are running. A 2 l backpack for short-distance trails is recommended.

  • Windproof jacket/Waterproof depending on weather forecast

  • Wollen socks

  • Base layer long top wool, Base Layer Long Pants Wool - if sheep can run all over the hills wearing merino wool - so can you !

  • Shorts/Running tights - Depending on the season, either one suited for winter temperatures or for summer.

  • Tops – Short sleeve, long, technical, skin-tight, loose-fitting. So many choices. Lofoten can change between warm, cold, rain, snow and hail with windy days. It can get cold if you are suddenly forced to walk – so a thermal top like an Icebreaker is a great idea.

  • Hydration packs - A good hydration pack means you can always carry your water (or drink of choice) for your run.

  • Accessories –  Headwear, Caps, buffs, visors, beanie, running sunglasses, gloves. Depending on season and your preferences. 

  • Energy -  When we run in the mountains, we refill our energy once every hour. This includes bars, gel, chocolate, nuts - whatever floats your boat.

  • Safety kit - Bring the basics. Blister plasters, emergency foil blanket, tape.

  • Headlamp - obviously not needed during the Summer season, but for Winter and Fall, put it in your backpack.

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