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An introduction to Ultrarunning 

An upcoming workshop event for the curious.

What is Ultra Running?

Ultraruns or ultramarathons are running events on a course that is longer than the 42.195k or 26.2 miles, a marathon distance. In general, you can say this: Anything longer than the traditional marathon is an ultra.

For many people, the attraction of ultra running is more a question of the running experience than simply the distance covered. For this reason, most races longer than the marathon distance take place on marked off-road trails and require special training, both physical and mental.

But why would you become an ultrarunner and how do you prepare for an adventure like this?   - Yes:

An introduction to ultra - A Workshop for the curios.

This day is the first step to understanding the phenomenon of ultraruns. You might have though - Is this something I can achieve? 

We start the day off with a cozy breakfast and a conversation about long runs in the terrain. The does and dont's, special training tips,  the mental aspect of long runs and the importance of saving energy. 

Then we run.


The day starts at 09.00 and ends around 15.00. Breakfast and lunch package is included, but remember to bring water flask and energy refills for the adventure. 

This workshop is for you who wants to train for longer runs and endurance. It's about learning top push your own limits.

The journey is the goal.

Price per person: 995NOK

Before coming to Lofoten, there's a few things we want to share with you, in order to make your Arctic experience as good as possible.

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